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I used Sevarin for hypnotherapy to help a phobia, she is warm and easy to talk to. I was able to be open and honest as she is so non-judgemental. I found my sessions relaxing and calming and since having them my anxieties around my phobia have definitely improved.

R Slade

I recently completed 6 sessions over a number of weeks with Sevarin and would recommend her without reservation to anyone who needs a skilled and empathetic person to reinforce habits or deal with deep seated worries through hypnosis. The experience is safe, relaxing and comforting. After first being helped to a deep and relaxed state of mind, Sevarin will then carefully and fluently talk you through your worries and give you the confidence and resolve to change your habits. We dealt with my bad dreams, anxiety following an illness, overthinking and secret snacking. At all times, she gives you the impression that she wants the best for you and uses her skills and knowledge to really help.

P Curtis 

Fantastic yoga sessions, hypnotherapy and sound bath. I was new to yoga and Sevarin is very knowledgeable and guides you through with kindness and patience. Stunning environment in a yurt with all equipment provided. Feels like a magical place where you get a deep massage to the soul. My only regret is not being able to go every single week! Thank you Sevarin.

A Martin 

I had 3 sessions with Sevarin for my fear of heights. I was planning an important family trip which involved travelling up a very high mountain. I was so very elated as we travelled upward to realise that I was not afraid. I was enjoying myself and was able to take in the amazing views. Something I would not have been able to do before my hypnotherapy sessions. I will be forever grateful for this amazing gift that I have been given.

M Clark 

Sevarin helped me with my depression, anxiety and general self confidence in a relaxed and non judgemental environment, I would highly recommend if you are looking for therapy or even just a general confidence boost!

E Hodgson 

It was my first experience with hypnotherapy and I was not quite sure what to expect, but Sevarin was always very kind and professional in explaining the steps to me. After only 3 sessions I was able to deal with my fear of flying and had a very pleasant trip without anxiety. I am not a native English speaker but the therapy worked anyway. Highly recommended.

F F 

Sevarin is a skilled and effective practitioner. Highly recommended.

F Green 

Sevarin was everything we needed. Kind, calm and understanding. She helped us and would recommend her to anyone looking for this kind of therapy for young and old.

A S 

As a chronic overthinker, I was a total cynic about hypnotherapy, but I’ve just returned from a very successful trip to the US having conquered my fear of flying thanks to Sevarin’s expert technique and reassurance. I’ll never forget her help

H McCarthy 

Sevarin has really helped me over the past few months. I feel like a different person to how I was before hypnotherapy. I highly recommend and can’t thank Sevarin enough.

B Starkey 

I just wanted to say thank you for the session. It really has broken my routine habit straight away.
I’m genuinely amazed, thank you so much. And I’ve had some events that would normally trigger such a thing. Thanks again!

G BARKER (Stop Smoking session) 

Sevarin is very skilled – she helped me stop smoking , after her session all desire for a cigarette felt like it was in a different room to me. Freedom!


I first came to see Sevarin to help my Mum and after one session it worked. I then became fascinated in Hypnotherapy work so I came to see Sevarin myself. It’s been incredible to see how many positive shifts it has made in my life already and I can highly recommend her to anyone looking to reach their full potential and discover the unlimited power of the mind. Thank you Sevarin.


I visited Sevarin after two years of repeatedly quitting smoking and then starting again. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but Sevarin was lovely, put me at ease and the session was very relaxing. Unlike previous quit attempts this felt permanent.

It is very hard to explain what changed or how, but I’m incredibly grateful to Sevarin for finally breaking whatever associations kept drawing me back. I was tired of gearing myself up to quit again and again, and I’m happy to finally be past it now. It’s been two months so far, but I’m certain this is it for good


Sevarin has been fantastic! My daughter diagnosed with depression was visibly improving as the sessions progressed. She became more relaxed, optimistic and happier.
She was always looking forward to see Sevarin. I can honestly recommend the treatment.


I brought my teenager to see Sevarin because she was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, in particular around her next step in education. The hypnotherapy sessions have helped her immensely and we noticed an improvement straight away. My daughter has now started sixth form college happily, without any of her previous concerns and to me the difference in her seems almost miraculous. Sevarin is calm, knowledgeable and professional and has given my daughter tools that she will be able to use for the rest of her life. Thank you Sevarin!


I’ve been working with Sevarin over the past two months to help me through a period of stress, anxiety and poor sleep. I’ve found hypnotherapy to be an immense help. Over the course of the last two months I’ve really noticed a positive change in my mindset, and a dramatic reduction in my stress levels. I highly recommend Sevarin, I have found her approach invaluable.


Sevarin has helped me a great deal over the past few months to gain confidence and overcome certain life stresses. I am always happy and relaxed during my visits and I feel that my quality of life has significantly improved since attending hypnotherapy.


Sevarin was very kind and really helped me understand the reason why I was stuck. I was working on my issues, being well aware of them but I could not get rid of them. Sevarin, using hypnosis, really guided me and helped me understand the reasons why and we also worked on my self confidence.  After 6 sessions I feel like I can ‘manage my way up’. Thank you!!


Throughout our sessions, I found Sevarin generous, attentive, reassuring and clear.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering hypnotherapy.

M Crowley 

I came to Sevarin with a very sceptical attitude about hypnotherapy. I could appreciate how hypnotherapy can help someone with bad habits or phobias as I see them as more to do with one’s state of mind. However, I could not work out how it could help me as I always saw my fertility struggles as a biological issue. What I did not realise at the time was there are plenty of other areas I could improve to deal with the situation much better rather than purely focusing on biology.

It has taken me a while to realise the big changes the treatment has made to my approach and attitude towards life in general. I’m guessing that’s partly due to having being in this negative and frustrated mindset for too long. I’ve noticed as we were getting towards the end of the treatment that I’ve become more relaxed about most things happening around me. My outlook has been more focused on the positives. Things that would have frustrated or angered me in the past are failing to get the same reaction, which is helping me to move on from  such incidents much quicker than dwelling on it.  My sleep has improved and in general I feel much happier.


Easy to connect with, personable and knowledgeable.  

All things you need when looking for the right therapist. Working with Sevarin helped me to regain my confidence and general well-being. Hugely grateful. I highly recommend working with Sevarin.


I did an eight week course with Sevarin and found it very useful and still listen to the sleep track she gave me on a regular basis. I found the whole experience very relaxing and it has improved my confidence and ability to deal with stress. Her explanation of how our minds work gave me a much better understanding of what is going on when I get very stressed or anxious and that in itself has been very helpful.


I received 10 weeks of hypnotherapy for symptoms linked to social anxiety. I was sceptical but found to my surprise and delight that over the weeks my mood was more positive and the symptoms were noticeably better. Sevarin had the right tone and approach throughout my sessions to put me at ease and gain her trust. I think she is an ideal hypnotherapist with a great deal of knowledge.


Sevarin explained everything and clearly knows her stuff.  I haven’t felt so relaxed in years and would very much recommend her to anyone with anxiety


I have been suffering from insomnia for over 20 years and was resigned to accepting this as a permanent situation having attempted an extensive array of remedies without success. Following 8 sessions with Sevarin my sleep quality has vastly improved. A side effect of sleeping better as well as focussed hypnotherapy has also resulted in improved confidence and ability to deal with problems. Overall the sessions have had a very positive impact on my mental attitude and well being and I would highly recommend this treatment.


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