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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis or trance is a very safe, natural and relaxing state where the mind can focus on thoughts and suggestions that will help bring about positive change.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines the use of modern psychotherapy methods with hypnosis.  As the name suggests, we focus on solutions rather than problems and this helps bring about rapid and significant positive change.

Common myths about hypnosis

Myth: Hypnosis is a form of mind control

Fact: You are completely in control.  No one can be hypnotised if they don’t want to be and you have the ability to take yourself out of trance if you choose, simply by opening your eyes.

Myth: The hypnotic state is very unusual

Fact: Trance is actually quite ordinary.  It’s very similar to daydreaming, we go in to trance many times a day.  For example when we are doing exercise or driving we may find our mind switching off as we go into a light hypnotic state of flow.

Myth: Some people can’t be hypnotised

Fact: Everyone has the ability to be hypnotised because it is a natural, normal state that each of us enter at least twice a day – when falling asleep and waking.  We also enter a hypnotic state whenever we are engrossed in something such as a movie, tv or a even a yoga class! 

Myth: I won’t remember anything when I’m in trace

Fact: Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, for some it’s a state of focused attention and for others it’s more like day dreaming with your attention drifting and wandering.  Others find they don’t pay conscious attention at all.  However you find it, that’s fine, it’s simply a matter or your own personal experience.

Myth: A person can get stuck in trance

Fact: This can’t happen.  Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter and exit during the course of a day.  If you need to bring yourself out of hypnosis you can just open your eyes

What is the process?


I start with a free Zoom based initial consultation that usually lasts around 30 minutes.  During this session I will gather information about you, including your goals and what you would like to achieve from hypnotherapy.  This session includes access to a free guided hypnosis MP3 audio file that you can use at home between sessions.

Working together

If you wish to proceed we can then book in your subsequent hypnotherapy session. The Solution Focused approach means that we can achieve rapid results. Phobias are resolved in just 3 sessions whilst stopping smoking takes one session. More complex issues can take around 6 to 12 sessions.

Achieving change

During each session we will work together to agree your goals. I then use hypnosis and positive suggestions to embed your goals within your subconscious mind. As the weeks go by your subconscious mind will be working to achieve your goals as you witness a positive change.

How can hypnotherapy and EMDR therapy help you?

Hypnotherapy and EMDR therapy can help with a wide range of conditions, issues and unwanted behaviours including:

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